Love what you do this Valentine’s Day

What you love to do

This Valentine’s Day I thought I’d write about another kind of love. A love for what I do, my “job”, if you could call it that.

When it comes to falling in love with my job, I’m a sucker. I quite easily fall head over heels with any half-interesting project that looks my way. But the thing that really makes me go all gooey inside is the knowledge that my work can have a real impact on people’s lives – because that’s what’s important to me.

I always thought I was just lucky in job-love. Lucky to be given opportunities to do amazing work because I was in the right place at the right time… or maybe there were just slim pickings! But recently I’ve realized that my good fortune in job-love has not been about stumbling across the right one or good HR matchmaking; it’s because I have followed what’s in my heart (just like real love, say “aawww”).

When I take a new job or start a new project, there are three key things I ask myself to know whether I will love that job one day.

1. Will it have an impact on what’s important to me?

I love my job most when I know it’s contributing to something bigger, or something important to me. Luckily there are a lot of ways you can do this without having to down tools and work for free. Continue reading