The Link Deck #2 – what we’ve been reading, watching, playing.


Rainy day in Teneriffe, Brisbane.


Tips from the New York Times and from NPR’s social media desks – what they learned about using social media in 2013.

It takes energy to smile… the psychology behind smaller power bills

It’s been over a year since we returned from a life changing stint in New York City… We miss wandering New York streets.

Would you like to have Bitcoin explained to you as if you were five? Not only is this interesting in an of itself, but the whole ‘explain it to me like I’m five’ meme is a very interesting exercise in communication. Want to see more examples? Check out the ELI5 sub-reddit.

Are ‘super-foods’ the next battleground between marketing and common sense?

Check out UK based innovation charity, Nesta’s 14  predictions for 2014

Some interesting innovations to watch in journalism in 2014. Related the mega trends of media for 2014.


Here’s a slide show of 100 things to watch in 2014

[slideshare id=29427719&doc=jwt100thingstowatchin2014-131222091452-phpapp02]

And for the social media data enthusiasts of the world.

[slideshare id=29791716&doc=wearesocialsguidetosocialdigitalandmobileworldwidejan2014v01-140107235800-phpapp01]


This movie about skateboarding in Afghanistan is quite mesmerising. Skateistan is a non-profit, started by some Australians, that is behind the movement to use skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change in Afghanistan.

Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul from Grain Media on Vimeo.

This project by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he was that guy out of 3rd Rock from The Sun) is unbelievably cool. It’s the perfect example of using the power of the internet to build a community, crowdsource content and produce something (actually lot’s of things) awesome. Even better, they made the entire first episode free on You Tube and I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. I also highly recommend checking out the website where the show is put together – vast amounts of inspiration for any creative.


Meanwhile, we teamed up with a couple of friends and quietly launched our own little experiment in crowdsourced storytelling. And we’re not the only ones doing this. Check out this feature about author Teju Cole who wrote a story and then got a variety of people on Twitter to tweet out small sections – he retweeted them all, in the correct order, and the story plays out.


Pretty telling infographic on viral content and the future of journalism. Read the full article, it is well worth your time.

The always interesting guys and gals over at Buffer put together a great list of marketing infographics to guide your marketing for 2014 – we recommend you check them out.

Australians making ideas happen on Ideas Hoist

These watches are beautifully designed and let you take a part of Australia with you wherever you go.

Banding together and collaborating as a community after a crisis is critically important which is why Mark Tregellas started an online platform to help.

And if you’re looking for some motivation for the new year, these 19 quotes from Australians making ideas happen should help!

Science is cool

Half a drug’s power comes from thinking it will work. Goes to show the power of convincing communications.

Here’s some science on why we don’t believe science. Some valuable lessons to be had for creating science based behaviour change campaigns.

AND finally scientists are creating the first interactive wiring diagram of the living, working human brain. “Each of the 1,200 subjects whose brain data will form the final database will spend a good 10 hours over two days being scanned and doing other tests. The scientists and technicians will then spend at least another 10 hours analyzing and storing each person’s data to build something that neuroscience does not yet have: a baseline database for structure and activity in a healthy brain that can be cross-referenced with personality traits, cognitive skills and genetics. And it will be online, in an interactive map available to all.”

Science (fiction) is cool

Back in 1964 Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke predicted what the future would look like… they were pretty damn accurate!

Food, drinks & coffee

We heard about this place called Eat Street where chef’s prepare delicious food in shipping containers so of course we had to go and check it out!

There are two awesome micro-breweries (Green Beacon and Newstead Brewing Co.) just a short walk from our workplace in Teneriffe, Brisbane. If you want to meet up and brainstorm ideas we think either would be the perfect place. Also check out this fantastic photo essay about Newstead Brewing Co.

And a real book!

The Narrow Road to the Deep North,  by Richard Flanagan. It’s just brilliant and harrowing and beautifully written.

2 comments on “The Link Deck #2 – what we’ve been reading, watching, playing.
  1. Hey guys, some great links in there… Particularly liked the article on virality – what are your thoughts (as PR professionals…) on how it has transitioned into a full blown money making strategy using ad revenue? Combined with societies current appetite for absorbing content, is this having an effect on the way people view genuine content – or are willing to act on it?

    And regarding the most popular content, it seems that no matter how big a “hidden truth” is uncovered, or how much coverage it gets (say hello to the NSA) the best you can hope for is a bunch of armchair activists…

    Does anyone know what happened to KONY in the end?

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