Links from the Deck #1 – what we’ve been reading, watching, playing


Kate recently pitched an idea called ‘Volunteer Deck’ at the IPAA National Conference. This report by the Centre for Volunteering on the Critical Success Factors of Employee Volunteering Programs for the Small-to-Medium Not-for-Profit Sector has some great research, which confirms many of our assumptions about Volunteer Deck.

The future of marketing is about putting the public back in public relations and social in social media, and that has nothing to do with tools or technology we overly celebrate today.

The real challenge of content marketing is when you don’t have a strategy

Use a baseball card? Getting more creative with your press releases

8 tips for designing better public services

Is the public service more innovative than the private sector? 

How not-for-profits and social enterprises can use Facebook and Twitter to drive engagement

The five stages of grief for a failed social entrepreneur

Are you a generalist or a specialist?

The state of social innovation in China


A fascinating TED talk on behaviour change by Jeni Cross, who is a sociology professor at Colorado State University.

Rated her absolute favourite TED talk by resident TED addict, Mel Butcher – this talk by Ernesto Sirolli is a funny and impassioned presentation on the importance of listening to and tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of those you’re trying to help when embarking on an international development project. Lessons that go to the heart of success for any startup, social enterprise or non-profit venture. Related: How better listeners make better innovators.

From the Do Lectures series – Indy Johar talks about how to build a community around things.


We’ve been flat-out testing our soon to be released iPhone game.


Thanks to our friends at ollo mobile for this one – where startup funding really comes from Hint: it’s not VC’s.

Australian Crowdfunding

ollo mobile recently completed their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for CloudPhone 3G – a single button wearable phone + activity tracker designed for seniors. You can still pre-order the phone on their website.

Damn refugees coming into our country and feeding the homeless

Australians making ideas happen on Ideas Hoist

The future of pop-ups is in good hands.

Good undies for good causes.

Science is cool

The science of doing good – how you can live longer and stress less by giving back.

Instantly identify any species on earth with your phone?

Science engagement in Australia is trapped in the 20th century. It operates under an out-dated model that aims to promote and celebrate science, rather than encouraging the public to participate in, and critically evaluate, scientific endeavours.

Food, drinks & coffee

Kate wandered down to Five Thirty in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane for a meeting – it has a quiet room off to the side, perfect for business catch-ups. Plus a great skim cappuccino.

Steve can’t get enough of the $10 wings, $15 ribs and craft beers at Tipplers Tap in Teneriffe, Brisbane.

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